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If you are brand new to watercolor, or have never taken a watercolor class with me before, it's a good idea to get a foundation in the basics of watercolor.

In this step-by-step course, you will master blending, shading and color mixing for the most common problems. You'll enjoy experimenting with new techniques as you create three complete watercolor projects that require no prior painting or drawing experience. For the more advanced watercolorist, you will also discover my signature tips, tricks, and strategies that make painting loose and effortless.

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Watercolor Portrait Academy

Major in people

Want to learn watercolor secrets for painting portraits?

This inspiring course is fully loaded with narrated video lessons and more. Whether you just want to create meaningful paintings of your loved ones or take your watercolor art to a higher level of professionalism, you are guaranteed to love this class.

What you get:


  • Over 40 video lessons, 11 demonstrations, printable tip lists
  • Uncover how to make faces that look realistic- like real people - without being photographic or stiff or cartoonish
  • Develop an understanding of how to use vibrant colors to make your portraits come alive and glow with life
  • Explore soft backgrounds that accentuate the beauty of people
  • Discover how to loosen up and take risks with your watercolor paintings
  • Create natural looking hair without fussing around and escape your need for perfectionism (hint: you don't have to paint every hair in its place!)
  • Conquer skin tones, proportions and color blending
  • Capture light and shadow and the essence of your subject
  • Learn how to not "overwork" your painting.. know when to stop.

Rest Assured

7 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Workshop Feedback

"Even though I have taken a few courses with at The Inspiration Place, this course is stunningly filled with so much info and technique that it is totally top drawer. I also enjoyed watching Miriam "fix" different areas of the painting. Makes it a much more realistic lesson by a human teacher. And it shows that you can fix a watercolor painting as well. I had never tried to do a portrait prior to this course and I’m very pleased with the outcome!" ~Carole Jurack

"Before taking classes with you I was struggling with looseness. Watercolor Portraits sure is fun and I'm learning so much from you. Thank you for your wonderful teaching style. Things you say resonate with me. I find myself hearing your voice saying things like, "Now dance around the picture!" Your advice is greatly appreciated! I will continue until I become confident enough to paint boldly and loosely!"~Lorrie Graham

"At first I was unsure about taking this class, because I thought I wouldn’t do very well. I really wanted to learn watercolor portraits so I could paint my grandchildren, and I liked Miriam’s style from her free videos. Before taking this class, I struggled with choosing the colors for the skin. Watercolor Portraits teaches the right colors to use and to find your own style of painting. I got the skin tones correct and the right lightness and darkness and more of a relaxed style of painting" ~Stephanie Beall


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