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“Before joining the Artist Incubator, I didn't quite understand the level of commitment and FOCUS it takes to have a successful career as an artist. When I COMMITTED to the Artist Incubator I immediately took the leap from "Lost at sea" to "Captain of my ship." Miriam is going to hold you to your INTENTIONS, your GOALS, and your career. This is a place where you have to SHOW UP and do what you say you're going to do. That's the LEAP from part-time to professional. At that point of COMMITMENT, something interesting happened to me. I became solely FOCUSED on the art

When I first approached Miriam, I seemed to be spinning my wheels and not moving forward. I'd worked hard to create a body of work but was disappointed that I couldn’t create sales to go along with that. Coaching appealed to me because I could get personal access to Miriam, not just a scripted course. Within a short time of following her advice, I sold a piece of art! It's great to have practical steps to follow. I have a plan and a path to go down. Although this is a journey and a work in progress, I feel so much more positive because I can see the light. Although it was a big investment for me, I'm enjoying the personal touch that Miriam gives to each person and the way she pushes us forward and I would recommend it to anyone serious about selling their art.

“The program gave me a template to reach my goals and dreams” Before working with Miriam, I was feeling scattered and not sure where to start. I was all over the place. No focus and no plan. However, I hesitated about signing up for coaching because I wondered if it would fulfill my needs. I decided to join the Artist Incubator program anyway because I admire Miriam’s business sense and her warm direct approach to teaching. Almost from the start I felt like there was guidance I could trust and the structure helped me focus plus the group offered extra support. It’s a very structured and yet warm, supportive and safe environment. I feel like I have a solid plan now. The program gave me a template to reach my goals and dreams. I’m still in the early stages but that’s ok. I know I’ll get there. Instead of chasing my tail like I was before I’m showing up and working in a direction.


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